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Longrich pays advanced powerful compensation of 4 Bonuses and 3 Incentives to her distributors which offers great profitability, eliminating the weaknesses of traditional network system

  • No targets and No pressures (work and grow at your own pace)
  • No compulsory monthly purchases (target /authorship).
  • Weekly bonus payment are sure {Green Thursday)
  • Your handwork is Legacy for your future generation
  • Unlimited accumulation of bonus points
  • Registration is free (what you pay is for products which validates membership)
  • Maximum of 3 recruits as downlines.
  • No compulsory monthly purchases (target /authorship).
  • Weekly bonus payment are sure {Green Thursday)
  • You can grow at your own pace
  • Unlimited accumulation of bonus points
  • The products are very effective
  • Selling products can be cumbersome
  • The Products are quiet expensive
  • Joining the wrong team can slow or kill your progress
  • Products at times are scarce which can discourage affiliates

Longrich company otherwise called Longliqi in Chinese language is one of the leading brands in the Cosmetic Industry with over a thousand efficacy products to their prestigious name. Their line of efficacy products are in different categories like household care products, health care products, skin care products, daily care products, etc.

Founded in 1986, Longrich business has grown steadily to become one of the most sort after brand because of the efficacy of their products. And with over 12,000 employees, Longrich company has established herself in the health sector as a force to be reckoned with globally.

The Longrich Company has potential direct sales of 70 million populations globally therefore there is an ever increasing demand for their products everywhere.

What is Know About Longrich Founder?

Mr Xu.Zhiwei Longrich Founder

Longrich was Founded by Mr Xu.Zhiwei a Carpenter who encouraged his fellow townsmen to get rich together as entrepreneurs. In 1986, He founded the Snake Industry Company of Changshu, the budding form of Longrich Group. In 1995 during a health product promotion campaign, Longrich discovered a high demand among consumers for skin care products. That was the beginning of the Longrich Journey towards leader ship in China’s Daily Chemical Industry.

The Company has been involved in traditional selling of products until July 2009 when it was licensed by the Ministry of Commerce for direct selling (multi level Marketing). With this achievement, Longrich has provided thousands of high achievers who have dreams for better lifer and Future the opportunity to make their dreams come to past.

In 1995 during a health product promotion campaign, Longrich discovered a high demand among consumers for skin care products. That was the beginning of the Longrich Journey towards leader ship in China’s Daily Chemical Industry.

Longrich Products

Longrich Bioscience boasts of a wide range of products for daily care, health and beauty, and the products are award-winning and unique.. A lot of testimonials have pointed to the effectiveness of Longrich Products. Learn about all Longrich’s Products.

Longrich also produces for other top multinational companies like: TESCO, GSK, UNILEVER, MARKS & SPENCER, ELIZABETH ARDEN, AVON, ESTEE LAUDER, WALMART and CARREFOUR.

How You Benefit From Longrich Marketing Business

1. Join and sell their products for profit (Sell at your own price)

2. Join and register someone in Longrich under you (Get paid on their transactions)

Below is the Exact Way How Longrich Work in Africa

  • When you join you get paid on products giving to you at registration stage
  • Anytime you refer or register someone in Longrich, you get paid
  • If any of your down line refers anybody, you get paid
  • Anytime your team members refer anybody, you get paid
  • Anytime you make repeat order, you get paid
  • Anytime your team member makes a repeat order, you get paid
  • When you get to or enter from Q Silver level and above, you get paid on leadership
  • You will be paid on Rankings
  • For any retail order, you get paid

What Else Do I Gain From Longrich Business Plan

  1. Potential gain of six to seven figure weekly income to be made.
  2. Get to shares 1% of Longrich’s monthly sales turnover as a VIP member or Shareholder.
  3. A free brand new car award twice every year for deserving members
  4. Luxury vacations abroad up to 3 times yearly.(All expense paid)
  5. A 4 year Executive MBA programme at REGIS University Colorado USA
  6. Fully funded scholarship for a degree programme for you or a beneficiary of your choice to study in China
  7. Become a Star Directors and get a mansion worth $150 million courtesy Longrich. (That is forty five billion, seven hundred and fifty million naira)

Longrich Business Entry Levels…

It is very easy to become a Longrich member.

Registration is free. Purchase of products worth any of our entry levels validates your membership.

LONGRICH ENTRY LEVELS  Student package: (4PV) Qsilver level: (60PV). Earn 8% of referrals. Silver level: (120PV). Earn 8% of referral PVs. Gold level: (240PV). Earn 10% of referral PVs. Platinum level: (720PV). Earn 12% of referral PVs. VIP level: (1,680PV). Earn 12% of referral PVs + a share of 1% global PVs. 

As a member, you will have a membership code with which you can keep track of all purchases, referrals, and bonuses/incentives using our online portal (aka back office).

How to Register…

You can register as:

  1. A partner
  2. A shareholder
  3. An investor (Stockists)


1. VIP – 1680PV (Purchase Value) N750,000 (earn 1% share of global sales from 188 countries where Longrich operates) + 12% weekly bonus!

2. PLATINUM – 720PV N320,000 (earns 12% weekly bonus)

3. GOLD – 240PV (N130,000 (earns 10% weekly bonus)

4. SILVER – 120PV N80,000 (earns 8% weekly bonus)

5. QSILVER – 60PV N40,000 (earns 8% weekly bonus)

6. Student pack – 4pv N9,800 (please note that this is not an entry level but, a promo package aimed at helping students join in order to make profit from the products and upgrade.


  1. Simply pick any entry level you want to start with.
  2. Fill the registration form.
  3. Go through the price list and select the products you want as well as their quantities.
  4. Send the list of items you’ve selected first (in a private chat).
  5. A Team Leader will guide you from there.
  6. She will also forward the company’s account details to you so you make transfer directly to the company’s account.
  7. Send her the evidence of payment via in a private chat. (a screen shot of the transaction details will suffice) and your personal details for the registration requirements is required.
  8. She’ll register you & give you your own membership code which you’ll use to pick up your products from the stockist closest to you.

The Longrich business is an amazing opportunity, as a matter of fact you can earn hundreds of thousands every Thursday as a partner with Longrich. You actually don’t have to quit your day job or business to do this, you only require a few hours to promote your business online and we will show you exactly how its done once you join.

Longrich Multilevel Marketing Program Details

Affiliate Software:
Deposit Methods:
Withdrawal Methods:
Withdrawal Limits:
Restricted Countries:
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