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When new users convert through your affiliate link, you’ll earn 50 percent of escrow fees each time they buy cryptos.

  • Paxful’s affiliate landing page is excellent
  • Paxful’s high commission rate and two-tier earning structure make for a lucrative program
  • The commission payment threshold is low
  • Deep linking is available
  • There’s a full-time affiliate marketing manager
  • There are no marketing materials or ad banners
  • Like most crypto exchanges, Paxful charges fees when you transfer money out (including your affiliate earnings)

Paxful was founded by Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback in 2015 and since then the company has emerged as a leading peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchange and marketplace. It’s changing how the world moves money by enabling crypto transactions and processing transfers 24/7 with anyone and anywhere. Its mission is social justice through financial freedom worldwide.

Don’t have a bank account? No problem. Paxful has over 350 payment methods to choose from, making it easy for you to move money the way you want. Its payment options empower both sellers and buyers, creating opportunities for millions worldwide who don’t have access to traditional banking services.

Paxful has its Headquarters in New York, USA but is available in 100+ countries, and has 5M+ users and 300+ employees.
The website is available in 20+ languages.

The Products and Services include Buying and selling of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether; Issuring out free Paxful wallet to secure and manage money.; allowing members to become vendors so they can generate income by selling their bitcoins; Creating offers, setting profit margins, and building unique customer experiences to increase your profits.

What Is Known About Paxful Affiliate Program

Paxful has an affiliate program. It uses in-house software and is self-hosted. Paxful’s affiliate landing page is excellent. An affiliate landing page is supposed to be informative, and Paxful highlights critical details and an FAQ.

Paxful offers a high-paying affiliate program. When new users convert through your affiliate link, you’ll earn 50 percent of escrow fees each time they buy cryptos. When your referrals convert other users, you’ll receive an additional 10 percent from their fees.

Paxful’s two-tier sub-affiliate commission structure is among the best in the crypto space. The commission payment threshold is low. Once you’ve earned at least 10 USD worth of Bitcoin, you can transfer your earnings to your free Paxful wallet.

Deep linking is available, and it’s how an affiliate creates a link to a specific page on the merchant’s site. Instead of using a standard homepage affiliate link, you can link to an article or product related to your content to increase relevance and conversion rates. You must manually create a deep link by adding your affiliate ID to the URL you want to promote/share.
Invite new users with your affiliate QR code. That’s a unique marketing tactic and something I haven’t seen before.

Commission: Cost per action (CPA): Cost per transaction
Commission rate: 50%
Commission type: Recurring
Cookie duration: Lifetime

There’s a full-time affiliate marketing manager. When a merchant has the staff to support publishers, it quickens processes and shows commitment. On the flip side, it isn’t clear how to contact Paxful for affiliate support. Providing a dedicated email address would help.

There are three membership levels, including Peer, Ambassador, and Associate. Benefits include swag, VIP support, badges, event invites, referral bonuses, monthly compensation, and more.

How To Join Paxful Affiliate Program

It is very simple to join Paxful ‘s Affiliate Program. Follow This Link to Signup. And start promoting the program immediately.

Paxful Affiliate Program Details

Affiliate Software:
Withdrawal Methods:
Withdrawal Limits:
4.3 rating

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