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There are two ways to make money with Tonoit. One way is to follow Tonoit’s trading signals and earn money by trading cryptocurrencies. ..

Tonoit formerly known as Python Signals for BitCoin Trends and Forecasts is a crypto Trading signals program established in January 2020. The website lists Marius Landman, Gavin Victor, and Ejovwoke Enakirerhi as co-founders, and specifies its offices as based in Mauritius and Australia.

What Does Tonoit Offer?

There are two ways to make money with Tonoit. One way is to follow Tonoit’s trading signals and earn money by trading cryptocurrencies. The other way is by joining Tonoit’s MLM affiliate program.

Tonoit offers Trading signals in crypto currency. This idea stems from the story about its founder. Marius Landman claimed to have been able to correctly predict over 90% of the major swings in the crypto market. He grew up as a poor orphan in South Africa, and went on to become on an elite South African military team. He started predicting Health and Safety trends for major oil companies, and found that he could also find similar trends in the cryptocurrency markets.

Tonoit gives you access to the reports when you sign up for one of its Trading Strategies packages as shown below:

  • Gold: $150 – Valid for 90 days
  • Platinum: $250 – Valid for 180 days
  • Galaxy: $500 – Valid for 12 months 
  • Diamond: $950 – Valid for 24 months
  • Lifetime Galaxy – $2,000 – unlimited validity

Except for Lifetime Galaxy, which costs $2,000, you’ll need to re-subscribe when the package expires to keep earning as an MLM affiliate. You’ll need to pay at least $150 which allows you to earn in 90 days. Upon expiry, you’ll need to renew your affiliate plan or your earnings will be frozen. 

Tonoit Compensation Plan

Tonout Affiliates earn from three compensation plans.

1. Tonoit Recruitment Commission. Gold, Platinum, Galaxy, and Diamond affiliate members earn 10% of commission if they get new members to sign up as an affiliate.

2. Tonoit Residual Commission. Tonoit operates on a 2 x 18 matrix, where you have 2 immediate downlines and twice the amount at each subsequent level. It is possible to earn up to 18 levels, depending on your membership rank.

  • Gold position earns 9 levels deep.
  • Platinum position earns 12 levels deep
  • Galaxy, Diamond, and Lifetime Galaxy earn 18 levels deep.

The earning percentage differs according to the levels.

  • 5% for Levels 1,4,7,10 and 13
  • 4% for Levels 2,5,8,11 and 14
  • 3% for Levels 3,6,9,12 and 15
  • 2% for Levels 16 and 17.
  • 1.5% for Level 18.

3. Tonoit Rising Star Bonus. A member qualifies for the Rising Star Bonus (with a payout of $1000) when he/she subscribes to the Galaxy position and manages to recruit two Galaxy members.

How Does Tonoit Train Members?

Tonoit invites beginners to participate in a learning program organized by the company so they can enjoy the
maximum financial benefits of crypto trading. Tonoit provides cryptocurrency trading courses that cater to investors of all levels. Members learn by webinar, video, PDF, or live sessions. However, the trainings are not free. Below are the courses and their prices:

  • Beginner trading course: $150
  • Intermediate trading course: $200
  • Advanced trading course: $350
  • Scalp trading course: $500
  • Day trading course $500

Purchasing any of Tonoit’s courses or trading packages doesn’t automatically make you a Tonoit affiliate. To join Tonoit’s MLM program and become an affiliate you must first purchase one of the following subscription packs as described above:

What is Known About Tonoit Founders

Tonoit owners’ (Marious Landman, Gavin Victor, and Ejoywoke) have always been in the crypto space. IMarious Landman is acclaimed to be very vast in Bitvoin trends and algorithm. Although I can’t verify the veracity of the information, but some researchers online claim that Tonoit’s founders have been associated with some Ponzi schemes in the past. Gavin Victor for example is believed to be involved in schemes such as BitConnect and Davor Coin.

Tonoit (like Python Signals) also provides a corporate address in Mauritius and Australia on its website. I don’t know if those addresses are real or just a way to make Tonoit appears to be a legitimate company. But anything can happen.

Disclaimer: Trading “signals” are alerts (triggers) to buy or sell cryptos at a specific time.Trading signals are not a guarantee for profit. Cryptocurrency trading is risky and even more so when you’re day trading. Even seasoned investors make losses at times, with or without trading signals. 

I highly recommend Affiliate marketing. Starting an affiliate business is much easier than you think and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Tonoit Multi-Level Marketing Program Details

Affiliate Software:
Withdrawal Methods:
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