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Alliance In Motion Global has changed the life of a lot of people. There are tons of success stories that abound. For instance, a former Taxi Driver and Bean Ball Seller turned into a Millionaire with the help of Alliance In Motion Global. Here is the story.

Mr and Mrs Nnamdi were married for some several years but struggled to make ends meet. Although they were graduates, they did not have any tangible job to keep them going. They jumped into one business after another while searching for the right opportunity that will help them achieve their dreams. But instead of making it big, their situation went from Bad to worse.

Things got so bad that they had to resort to selling akara (what Nigerians call bean balls) at Iyana Ipaja in Lagos Nigeria just to be able to feed the family.

It was at this lowest ebb of their life that Alliance In Motion Global came into Nigeria. Mr. Nnamdi was given an invitation by a friend to listen to the Opportunity Plan Presentation at Ikeja. After listening to this wonderful opportunity, he fell in love with Alliance In Motion Global marketing plan and wanted to start immediately. But unfortunately he was very broke at that point in time.

All they had left at that time was their small car that he used for taxi business. He resorted to selling his car because he wanted to start big with Alliance In Motion Global 7 accounts which was N252,000 as of 2013; his wife reluctantly agreed to sell their only car for them to register for this wonderful opportunity. But he did register.

3 Months later he was able to buy a new car and he started making his Millions every month. And today him and his wife are both Global Ambassadors in Alliance In Motion Global, the highest rank in the company as at then. Their story has changed from a struggling family to a comfortable one that has everything at their beck and call.. He has traveled several times to the Philippines with an all-expense paid trip with his wife.

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