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Freelance Writing Jobs is one of the many ways of making money online. It is not as hard as it seems and it is a good way of working from home. In this article I will show you how your writing skill can make you money online.

1. Listverse

This website posts top 10 of anything. They hire writers and they pay you $100 for every article accepted. You can write things such as top 10 scariest animals, top 10 most shocking controversies. You have to write top 10 about a particular topic. It has to be something interesting and not common. You don’t have to be an expert or provide proof that you’ve written before. You also don’t have to be an English native but your English must be equal to that of a native.

You are required to have some personality and sense of humor to spice up your article. Make sure to follow these rules as well : Make sure each item in your top 10 has 1 or 2 paragraphs and you must link reputable sources. When submitting your article you don’t have to worry about picture or videos, they’ll do that themselves.

Remember it is not every article that will be accepted. Take note that they only accept submissions from the US, UK, NZ, Ireland, Canada, Australia and South Africa.


This is an online magazine that focuses on feminism, innovation and more. They publish 2-5 articles every 3rd week of the month but they take more articles in because they plan their content ahead. They don’t accept previously published work even if it is from your own blog.

Some of the stories that have been w

successfully published include topics relating to femisim, climate change activity, mental healthh and post capitalism. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if it is just know the payment starts from $250-$2000.

They usually respond within 14 days sometimes faster depending on how many pitches they are receiving.

Income diary

This site is a bit different from the other 2 sites because they are looking for experts and you must have proof of it. You can write for this website if you’re an expert in SEO, making money online, entrepreneurship, etc. They pay $200 per article. They also offer people the opportunity to write for free if you’re trying to build some credibility.


Nutriinspector is a diet and weight loss blog. They publish information articles about dieting and eating clean. You don’t have to be a dietitian to write for them, you can write articles based on your own research.

This website is perfect for people who are on a weightloss journey as they can pick up some new information while researching. The website is currently looking for people to do some vegan research, food and nutrition recipes and weight loss guides. You must make sure your content is well researched because people tend to take internet advices seriously so they don’t want them misled. The pay rate starts from $110 dollars for 2000-3000 words.

Make sure you have a PayPal account before applying for the above jobs as most of them are international companies and they pay via PayPal .

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