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VidIQ is a product designed to help YouTube creators find topics and keywords for their videos.

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VidIQ is a product designed to help YouTube creators find topics and keywords for their videos. The tool also has a robust YouTube SEO feature that assists Youtubers in creating SEO-friendly titles, descriptions and tags. These activities are surefire ways of boosting Youtube views and subscribers into the millions.

58% of viewers arrive at your videos because of YouTube Search and Related Videos. Creating great content on YouTube is only half the battle to growing your views and subscribers. If you want your videos to rank well and be discovered by, or suggested to, other viewers you’ll need to know how to research the best keywords to maximize your titles, descriptions, tags and Playlists, and understand what your competitors are doing to win.

VidIQ will help you increase your library of tags by 10x in less than 10 minutes, and discover content opportunities you’re missing out on.

Boost What’s Working

VidIQ has a 24/7 expert YouTube consultant at your fingertips? The vidIQ Channel Audit tool will help you fully understand what’s working with your content, what’s not working, and what you need to do to get your Channel in the best shape you can. It’s one of the most powerful video marketing tools on the planet, giving every creator the information they need to grow and succeed on YouTube (and beyond).

Beat the Competition

With the vidIQ Competitors Tool, you’ll get a unique peek behind the curtain at what your competitors are doing to rank highly and attract those golden views and subscribers. You’ll be able to instantly track the video creators who are important to your channel, whether they are big influencers setting trends in your space, or channels smaller than you having breakthrough content. Our Competitors Tool allows you to follow the competition and leverage what they do right for your own YouTube strategy.

Compare View Velocity

Have you ever wanted to see how your video compares to any other video, channel or Playlist on YouTube? With VidIq’s ‘Compare Views’ tool you can track the velocity of ANY video on YouTube and then compare it to ANY video or ANY channel to get the best real-time feedback on how your content is performing!

See What’s Trending on YouTube

YouTube is the home of trending video content and if you want to find out what’s ACTUALLY trending and driving massive views our Most Viewed tool gives you incredible insight into the trending topics on YouTube. Let’s say you want to know which are the most popular videos on Fornite Season 7, for channels based in Spain with less than 10,000 subscribers? Yep, our tool can do that!

YouTube Productivity Tools All In One Place

VidIQ’s Productivity tools make running your YouTube Channel so much easier, freeing you up to spend more time creating your content. There are a wealth of features in the tool to ensure you’re optimizing and promoting your videos across the platform.

Celebrate Your YouTube Wins!

Have you cracked 1000 subscribers, smashed 1 million YouTube views, or uploaded 200 videos? Whatever your next milestone is, VidIQ’s Achievements Tool will track it for you and automatically generate certificates that you can share with your community instantly. After all, you deserve it!

Get Important YouTube Stats Now!

vidIQ’s new Scorecard has been rebuilt to bring you even more information about your YouTube videos! It’s faster to load and packed with features that will give all the feedback you need on all videos uploaded to YouTube.

Data that is usually stored deep within YouTube Analytics is instantly at your fingertips with vidIQ’s Scorecard. It helps you quickly gather data to give you a top-level view of how your own or other videos are performing – as well as those of your competitors. Key data points are color-coded to quickly show you what’s working – and what you need to fix.

Social Engagements

This section of the Scorecard will show you how a video has been performing across social including Facebook and Reddit. This is must-have feedback for any content creator.

SEO Feedback

Search Engine Optimization can make or break a video on YouTube, so it’s vital to know how well your content has been optimized. For instance, you can instantly see how tags are performing against the most popular ones on YouTube. Creators can use this information to make quick changes to their own video content. Just mouse-over the SEO Score for a complete breakdown and explanation of how we score your SEO.

Video Optimization Checklist

This one-stop optimization checklist is vital for confirming what optimization steps have been taken – and what can be improved on. With 15 different checkpoints, it’s the best cheat sheet available to creators today!`

Channel Analytics

The channel section will give you the total number of views, subscribers and daily averages so you can instantly tell whether a video is a one-off hit or is consistent with that creator’s overall Channel performance.

Video Tags

VidIQ’s Video Tags feature will show you how many tags a video is using, and how high they rank on YouTube. You can also copy all the tags shown to use for research and for your other video uploads.

Suggest Video Tags

This feature suggests tags you should be using on your video to make it rank higher on YouTube.

Channel Tags

The channel tags show what tags are used for the channel tag section.


The Historical tab gives you a timeline of how a video has performed since the minute it was uploaded. From views to engagement, this feature can give you precise data on any video.


Want to know who is including a video in their Tweets? This section gives you all the details.


The trending section shows the related videos that are trending.

Determine the BEST Keywords for Your Content

Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? And have you noticed that YouTube auto completes your search with suggestions? This is the power of keywords, popular phrases, trending topics, and getting answers to the questions everyone is asking!
Our suite of YouTube keyword tools helps you understand what people are searching for so you can create content that people want to watch.

Boost Keyword Research on YouTube

Everyday there are BILLIONS of search queries, and if you know what they are, you can use this data to put your videos in front of more eyeballs. And guess who has that intel and the tools to exploit it? We do! vidIQ boost is a very powerful tool that gives you relevant search term suggestions. It also shows similar videos that are trending.

YouTube Search Keyword Tool

When you search on YouTube vidIQ displays lots of great information regarding the keyword universe for a particular term. This includes average views and average subscribers, if you are finding large numbers then as a small channel you may want to niche down even further. The Keyword Score is our snapshot analysis of how hot (or not) the word or phrase is. This of this as demand versus supply or search volume versus competition. In an ideal world you want lots of people searching for the type of videos you make with very little alternative content to yours. A score of 100 for search volume and 0 for competition would be the perfect score – let us know if you ever find this golden keyword!

Keyword Inspector

The keyword Inspector tool helps you understand the keyword universe surrounding a root keyword. It will display related terms, our vidIQ keyword score, related videos and interest over time which can be really useful for identifying whether a keyword is still in vogue and when tentpole/recurring keywords (such as Thanksgiving) start to trend. Try this for a bit of fun, search for: Mariah Carey All I Want for Christmas is You and view the all time report.

Inline Keywords

You can also enable inline keywords so you can see what tags your competitors are using on search results. You can then copy them and use them to help generate ideas for your own content and/or handpick the best ones that are relevant for your content.

Keyword Translator Tool

YouTube is a global video platform so you will have a global audience. Imagine how cool it would be to cater to multiple languages. vidIQ can translate your video titles, descriptions and keyword tags all with a few simple mouse clicks.

Tag Auto Complete

Just like YouTube recommends search query as you type something out in their search bar, when you type out keyword tags on the video upload/editor page, vidIQ will suggest ideal keywords too.

Keyword Templates

You can create a keyword template based on the core words you might use in a series of videos saving you time.

Web Suite SEO

Our Web Suite has powerful video SEO tools including bulk SEO, channel wide tags, keyword research and who added what tags.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

The vidIQ Competitors Tool confirms your YouTube competitors and helps you discover what content is working for them and why. A competitor is someone publishing content to YouTube in the same topic space as you, so having that kind of data handy is incredibly useful in understanding what might work for you, or what you can improve.

By understanding what’s winning you can make better content decisions yourself by understanding content by competitors by:

  • Highest viewed
  • Views by Hours (i.e. is it still popular?)
  • Subscriber growth driven by premium content

Add Competitor Channels

To see how your competitors are doing based on their Views Per Hour, open up the vidIQ button on your browser, then click on ‘Competition.’ The new tab will compare your Channel with any other Channel on YouTube! To add a competitor just copy and paste their channel ID to the “Add” box.

Sort By Date, Views Per Hours & More

You can sort your YouTube competitors by time frames, views per hour, views, and date uploaded! You can slice and dice the data to get a massive amount of information to feed into your own content strategy.

Export Top Keywords

Want to see which top keywords are being used by your competitors simply click the “Top Keywords” button and a popup will allow you to view or download. Win!

Compare Video View Velocity on YouTube

Have you ever wanted to understand how your audience perceives your new content? See how you compare to any video, channel or Playlist on YouTube to get the best real-time feedback on how your content is performing.

The launch of video is the most critical phase of its life. The more velocity it has to begin with, the better the chance it has of turning into evergreen content… even a viral video!

With our ‘Compare Views’ tool you can observe the velocity of ANY video on YouTube and then compare it to ANY video or ANY channel on YouTube.

Whether you’re following trending topic or keeping a close eye on video creators who create similar content, this is definitely the tool for you!

You can easily view the stats for the first few hours, or after 1, 2, 3 and 28 days compared to other videos and other channels. This gives you a real competitive advantage when it comes to comparing the performance of your own content against others.

Your YouTube Channel Average

You can instantly see how your own video is performing against others you have published. This will give you real-time insights into how well your upload is doing against your channel average.

Last Video Watched on YouTube

If you are watching through a range of videos on the same topic this will help inform you as to which video was the best performer on that topic!

Compare Against Any Video on YouTube

Is there a particular video on YouTube (yes, ANY video), you want to compare against, simply grab the URL and compare that one against the one you are currently watching.

Compare Against Any Channel on YouTube

Want to know how a video is performing against another channel’s average? Using our exclusive tool, you can instantly see how a video is performing against others on that channel. This will give you a peek into how a competitor is doing with content you may want to publish, or have already published, yourself.

Compare Against Any YouTube Playlist

Any video that is in a playlist is there for a reason – to connect related content. So by comparing a video’s (from the playlist) velocity against the average velocity of videos in the playlist you can instantly see if it was a good fit or bad fit for the playlist.

Compare Against Your Competitors Average

This will average out all the channels you have added to the vidIQ competitor tool and compare their view velocity against the video you are watching. The ‘competitors’ you add to your list are those you have a keen interest in due to the content they make, the size of their channel and how they influence what you do on YouTube.

Download Your Stats

If you want a record of the ‘Compare Views’ insights, they couldn’t be easier to access. Just click on the ‘Download’ arrow and the data will be saved so you can keep a full record.

Thumbnail Generator Overview

Creating an engaging and enticing custom thumbnail is one of the most important parts of creating YouTube content. While YouTube will automatically create one for you, it’s usually not very good, which reflect poorly on your content. Nobody has time to click through to a video from a terrible thumbnail. Your Click Through Rate will increase dramatically if you offer the viewer a peek at the content first. Luckily, our vidIQ thumbnail generator allows you to make custom thumbnails right in the browser.

Create and Edit Custom Thumbnails with vidIQ

The vidIQ custom thumbnail editor allows you to add text, shapes, custom images and even make a thumbnail template to make every custom thumbnail a little more eye-catching. Just go to your YouTube Video Manager page, where you’ll find a vidIQ button. Click on ‘Thumbnail Editor’, then choosing a frame from your video, or uploading one. Then you can add a color, font and border for your text plus a range of other features. The editor even will even show you how each thumbnail looks across YouTube, Facebook & Twitter!

And Lots More… VidIQ is a must tool for any Affiliate that really wants to succeed in Affiliate Marketing Business. Start Using vIdIQ Now

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